Everything began in 2008 when Remigiusz Bregier (guitars) and Janusz Janicki (drums), who played in a couple of bands together, and had known each other for quite some time, decided to start a new project. They used to greet each other with the words “keep rockin’!” instead of more casual regards-type of expression when exchanging e-mails, thus the name of the band quickly became obvious.

Upon finding people who completed the lineup - Marcin Wojciechowski (vocals), Piotr Majerski (guitar) and Piotr Gierszewski (bass), Keep Rockin’ started writing music and played its first shows. In 2009 they already had their first victory at a local battle of the bands competition - ‘Struna’, held in their hometown of Włocławek.

In 2010 the band entered the Islands Studio in Inowrocław (run by Quidam keyboard player Zbigniew Florek) and recorded a five-song EP. The following year they won another competition - Rock Piotrcovia Festival 2011.

Keep Rockin’ started off as a typical rock band. They played heavy, riff-oriented and rather short songs. As years passed, the music matured and began to include some proggy elements. The songs were getting lengthier, and the arrangements became enriched. In the late 2011 Keep Rockin’ was ready to record their first album.

Within the first three years the lineup went through a couple of changes. Maciej Podkomorzy played bass briefly and upon his departure was replaced by Aleksander Kruszewski. In the home stretch of the recording session, Janusz convinced his older brother - Grzegorz - to join the band on keyboards.

“Into the Unknown” was released in May of 2013 by Lynx Music - a company from Cracow, PL. For the most part it had a positive reception, and the album received good reviews from most of the polish music journalists. Keep Rockin’ also started getting some attention abroad. The first single - “Seven Past Midnight” started airing in radio stations in the UK. Positive reviews appeared in european progressive rock websites and some feedback came even from the far-east.

Keep Rockin’ was to start promoting “Into the Unknown” with regular shows, however it wasn’t possible due to Piotr Majerski leaving the band in June of 2013. While the band was searching for a replacement they shot the first video for the song “Passing”. In the late 2013 the band was joined by Adam Muszyński on guitar.

Having a complete lineup again, KR’ started playing shows. In 2014 and 2015 the band gigged regularly all throughout Poland, alongside bands such as Kruk, Lizard, Mr Pollack, Art Of Illusion, or Retrospective.

In 2015 the first song from “Into The Unknown” - The Leaves - was aired on Polish Radio Channel 3 in a broadcast hosted by Marek Niedźwiecki - a legendary polish music journalist.

In the meantime, “Seven Past Midnight” reached first place on Radio RockTime charts and it kept a solid position in TOP20 for over a year.

In 2014 KR’ already had some new songs written. The band had been playing shows, while simultaneously starting to write new material. In the early 2016, eleven new songs were completed and were ready to be recorded. Before doing so, Keep Rockin’ played one of it’s most important shows during the 10th Tomasz Beksiński Progressive Rock Festival in Torun, when they shared stage with Abstrakt, Animations, Arlon, AnVision, BrainConnect, FractalMind, Love De Vice, Perihellium, Retrospective, Karnataka (UK) and the legendary Władysław Komendarek (Exodus).

In the summertime of 2016 KR’ started the process of recording their second album. Sessions took place mostly at Addyction Sound Studio started by Adam Muszyński. Vocal tracking took place at Happy Light Studio in Toruń in December.

By the end of the year the album was recorded and ready to be mixed. Postproduction was done at Hertz Recording by Sławek and Wojtek Wiesławscy, the legendary billboard-charted polish engineers and producers working with the likes of Behemoth, Decapitated, Vader on a regular basis.

The band upon recording “Screaming Out Your Name” decided that the album will be bilingual. Thus the digipack contains two CD’s - one with english vocals and the second with the polish versions. It’s a reaction to the band's fanbase, suggesting that KR’ sounds as good in polish as it does in english.

The production of the second album would not have been possible without the help of the band’s friends and patrons. Thanks to a clever crowdfunding campaign Keep Rockin’ were able to finance all the aspects of the production. The main sponsors are AppNet Media, ad i media and Włocławek Town Hall.

“Screaming Out Your Name” premiered on 28 April 2017. It’s release was preceded by two singles - “Left Alone Again” and “Lost”. For the former, the band shot a video in Browar B Cultural Center in their hometown. The latter was released as a lyric video.

In June 2017 Marcin Wojciechowski left the band and was replaced by Kuba Kontowicz after couple of months. A year later the band premiered a single "Entr'acte", which was the first release with a new vocalist. Then KR' started working on a 3rd album.

In late 2018 Grzegorz Janicki decided to leave the band.